Community Portal

A customer can request for a disconnection for either their cable or Internet service.
Home owners with CBC’s service who travel for long periods of time may request a disconnection of service temporarily.
A customer can also be disconnected if he/she has an outstanding balance with CBC. To keep from getting disconnected, we encourage customers to keep bills up to date.

Internet Modem Checklist

  1. Make sure all four lights on the modem are on or solid.
  2. If all lights are solid you are receiving CBC’s internet service.
  3. If you still experience problems, it may be with your computer or router.
  4. If any of the four lights on modem are blinking Please call office for assistnace.
  5. If all four lights are solid then the CSA should inquire if the fourth light ( ie ) the amber is blinking.
  6. If the PC/Activity light is not blinking check to ensure the Ethernet is properly connected to the computer (or router if one is being used).
  7. If you experience any problems with your router, try to reset the router by disconnecting it. If after 5 minutes problem still exist, call the office for further assistance.

The following information relates to the usage of our products and services.

  • Billing – Billing is done the beginning of the month and must be paid at the ending of the month.
  • Stealing Cable – “Cable theft is illegal under law. Cable theft also affects you because your picture quality could suffer and your Internet speed could be compromised, among other things. You can report a theft of cable service by providing us with the information and remain anonymous.”

Sun Spots
Affect satellite-delivered services when an orbiting satellite aligns between the earth and the sun,like a mini-eclipse. As a result, the sun’s rays overpower the transmission from the satellite and customers may receive a snowy, scrambled or in most cases a complete loss of signal for as long as 5 to 10 minutes.Outages occur between February and March and September and October when the sun crosses the equator. These outages may happen at different times on various channels.